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Museum of Jacquemart-Andre – Franco-Italian art of the XVIII century

We have to recognize it is simply nonsensical to contest the fact that Paris is the city of museums. And because it’s the true, so let’s pay our attention to the next Parisian museum. Well, today we would like to talk about an art museum of Jacquemart-Andre – the place where connoisseurs will certainly find many interesting things.

The museum of Jacquemart-AndreEsli is located in a nice 8th arrondissement near such famous sights of the city as Champs Elysees, Parc Monceau, popular shopping centers Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. The exact address of Jacquemart-Andre Museum: 158 Boulevard Haussmann.

As many other such places in Paris, the building was an ordinary dwelling house in due time. In our case, its owners were a married couple – a famous artist Nelly Jacquemart and securities trader Edouard Andre. It is not hard to guess what a modern museum had its mane in their honor. Style, spirit and exposition of the museum are based on the heritage that these wonderful people, loving the art, had left. The basis of the exposition is the items related to Italian Renaissance, Dutch masters and French school of the eighteenth century.

Visiting the Museum of Jacquemart-Andre, do not pay heed to the unprepossessing appearance of the mansion. Believe, all interesting is inside, and you can see this beauty, just having crossed the threshold. The museum actually has a lot of items what you can see and get unforgettable pleasure!

The first floor of the museum starts from the Grand Salon, located in the heart of the museum. At one time when the owners of the mansion were still alive, it were the place for entertainments of the guests. The walls in this room offer you canvases of French painters of the eighteenth century Jean-Marc Nattier and Francois Boucher. In the next room, the attention of visitors could be attracted with great busts of famous representatives of the French political elite of those years.

In the office of Mr. Andre the luxurious furnishings of King Louis XV are installed. The room also has a neo-classical paintings and sculptural works of art.

In the fascinating marble conservatory there is a collection of incredible exotic plants from around the world. From this place you can climb on the second floor of the mansion-museum what dedicated to Italian art. So, here the masterpieces of the legendary Botticelli, Tiepolo’s frescoes took place, as well as mythical canvas “St. George and the Dragon”, hand-owned by Paolo Uccello, which depicts the moment of salvation of a young girl by a knight, during the battle with the mighty dragon.

To learn more about the features of the life of the former owners of the house you can visit their private bedroom, where magnificent gobelins, gorgeous furniture, golden items coexist wonderfully.

For the convenience of visitors the museum has a special room where they can relax with a cup of tea or coffee, the large monitors will show the museum’s exhibits at the same time, what you have probably not reached yet.