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Museum of French Masonry

Of course, it is just impossible to visit all the museums of Paris during your visit to it, because the French capital has more than one hundred of them. The most famous of museums attract the main part of tourists coming to the city, and the rest of museums is interesting for a narrow circle of lovers of art, music, history… The Museum of the Grand Orient of France and the European Masonry or as it is called in most cases – the Museum of French Mansory (Musée de la Franc-Maçonnerie) – probably applies to the second category of Paris museums. However, this does not mean that this museum would not be interesting for people who are keen on the history.

The Museum of French Mansory is located on 16 Rue Cadet in the 9th arrondissement of Paris and is open to visitors every day except Monday and Sunday. Entrance to the museum is free.

This museum was opened in the late nineteenth century, to be more precise – in 1889, in a hotel Cadet as a cabinet of curiosities and existed in this form for a long time. However, during the Second World War the whole exposition of the Museum of French Mansory was taken to Germany by the invaders.

The second birth of the museum took place in 1973, when a part of documents and artifacts had been returned to France from the Soviet Union. As we know many cultural and historical values came to archives of the legendary KGB after Germany’s defeat in the war. In 2000 the Museum of French Mansory received the status of the official museum of France. Also, it was the year when that the museum had received another part of its old collection from the Soviet archives.

Today the museum gives an opportunity to get acquainted with tens of thousands of unique exhibits on the history of Masonry in France. Decorative elements, paintings, heraldic symbols, clothing, military equipment, writing materials, and more other things are represented in its halls.

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