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Parisian Museum of Cernuschi and Museum of discoveries and inventions

This our article continues our journey through Parisian museums. There are some legendary museums in Paris, but there are many small (or large, but not sufficiently advertised) and no less interesting.

Few people know Musee Cernuschi, but it is one of the oldest museums in Paris, which received its first visitors in far 1898. The museum is the brainchild of a famous French financial genius Henri Cernuschi – a passionate admirer of Asian cultures. This museum is the second in France devoted to the East, the first one was located in town of Guimet. Collection of Parisian museum has more than twelve thousand interesting exhibits.

Initially, the museum has been allocated a separate building in the heart of which a magnificent Buddha statue made of bronze lies. Mr. Henri Cernuschi delivered this masterpiece to Paris from the Japanese district of Meguro.

Talking about this museum, we should note the following expositions, what tell about history of the East:

– Chinese pottery of Tang – Sung eras,

– Prints,

– Rare Jewelry of Liao era,

– Rare art objects of Han and Tang Dynasties,

– Funerary statues from the period of Sui and Wei Dynasties,

– Unique collection of bronze objects of archaic times.

Along with collections of Chinese originality Parisian Museum of Far Eastern countries art has numerous exhibits, relating to Japanese and Korean cultures.

If you want to enjoy watching these unique items, you only need to visit this wonderful museum, located at 7, avenue Velasquez.

After museum’s collection of Oriental countries, we recommend to visit another interesting museum with very informative expositions. This is Museum of discoveries and inventions, which was opened specially for the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937.

According to the plans of the creators, it had to be “classic” science museum, whose function would be the opposition to Museum of Arts and Crafts, already existed at that time in Paris. This was not surprising, because the French have always loved to clearly separate museums for technical and scientific. However, after four decades this distinction has not been very stringent, so the museum had acquired its modern form.

Today every person has the opportunity to see a practical solution of many problems, encountered on the pages of textbooks on physics or chemistry. In general, Museum of discoveries and inventions has permanent exhibitions:

– Life,

– Mathematics,

– The Earth and the Universe,

– Substance and energy.

Museum of inventions and discoveries works almost every day (only New Year, Christmas and a few other holidays are days off) and is in the western part of Grand Palais, located in the eighth arrondissement of Paris.