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Musee Baccarat

It’s not necessary to be a big connoisseur of art to estimate beautiful things. Especially, if you are coming to Paris. This city amazes by its magnificence, attracts by rich history and lures by the museums. And this article will say some words about famous Paris museum of Baccarat.

If you did not still hear about this spot, so you should know that Baccarat is crystal! Or rather, it’s the standard of the highest quality crystal, which has being made by excellent French masters for some centuries.

And the beginning was when the King Louis XV had issued a decree on founding of the glass factory in a small village of Baccarat (Lorraine province) in 1764. But France of that time is not the present China 🙂 , and construction of the project took longer than planned. The first batch of glass was produced only in 1816. And the factory had got the royal order for cut-glass ware almost momentarily.

Wide recognition of work of the masters from Baccarat was also very quick. In 1855, the crystal of the Lorraine had won a gold medal at the first Paris World Exhibition. Since that time many royal houses and the celebrities became buyers of the Baccarat’s production.

Because of a need to tell about the crystal of Baccarat to wide circle of people, the specialized museum was founded. It was in 1988.

The Museum of Baccarat crystal (Musee Baccarat), located in the old palace of Marie-Laure de Noailles, became popular very quickly as among tourists as Parisians. In 2003, the museum was found over trusteeship of a famous designer Philippe Starck, who had made lots of changes in its look.

Nowadays exposition of the Baccarat Museum has about one and a half thousand items of different epochs, which won prises at various prestigious world exhibitions. Moreover, you will find the crystal, made for kings, queens, tzars, presidents, prime-ministers, and other famous persons from around the world.

The museum has got an additional popularity due to its shop where everyone may buy beautiful crystal things.

Address of the Museum of Baccarat crystal: 11 Place des Etats-Unis, 75116 Paris