Muse will give a concert in Paris

The first single from the new album of British rockers Muse «The 2nd Law» will sound at the middle of July as the official hymn of the Olympic Games in London. The album itself, where this song is included as «Survival», will appear in September. And one of the first concerts, where all the songs from «The 2nd Law» can be heard in a live Muse’s performance, will be the concert of the group in Paris Bercy on October 18.

The musicians promise that this new disc to be a little like the five previous albums of Muse (the first one was recorded in 1994). Someone could be upset, but many fans, of course, will be happy with a new style turn of British rockers.

“Lullaby in a hard rock style!” – here is an intriguing definition of the new sounding by drummer of the band Dominic Howard. He also added that this does not describe it fully: “and we’ll move on.”

In any case, the album promises to be very interesting, because, as musicians say, “You must love what you did before releasing it into the real world”, and they sincerely promise to follow this rule.

The concert will be held at Bercy sports palace in Paris and begin at 19.30. Tickets are already on sale — their average cost is about $200. However, even such sufficiently high price does not scare fans of the band and they are buying tickets quickly.