Madonna! The Queen goes to Paris!

Have you ever thought about how many years Madonna (born Louise Veronica Ciccone) holds a title of the Queen of Pop-Music? It is even terrible to think that this gorgeous singer, dancer, actress, director, producer, business woman and just a beautiful woman began her musical career more than 30 (!!!) years ago. However, not everyone knows that at that time she was a drummer in the band Breakfast Club, created with her friend. Fortunately, Louise did not wear out the seat of her trousers behind the drums and very quickly realized fully that she would bring home the bacon as a solo singer.

Outrageous, extraordinary, impudent Madonna won the hearts of millions of people around the world very quickly. Her wonderful songs “blasted” many authoritative music charts. And Miss Ciccone herself became a real idol for several generations. Thousands of articles and dozens of books were written about her, the Internet is full of hundreds of fan sites, she is a permanent object for paparazzi… The years and decades go, but Madonna is still on her throne – throne of the Queen! Her creativity inspires young musicians, she is a bright example of hard work and professionalism – what is very important for anyone seeking success in the life.

Despite the fact that Madonna gives the music less time recently – children, cinema and other things – she continues to please her devoted admirers. In 2012 the singer will go all over the world with the performances, and there is no one doubt that each of them will have a full house.

And legendary Madonna will not leave Paris without attention. The concert will take place on the 14th of July at Stade de France stadium – agree, that the singer would not perform at a smaller concert venue 🙂

Tickets are already on sale. Price – from 56 to 2600 euros.

Do not miss this grandiose performance! Madonna does not make ordinary shows!