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Louvre beats the records

The famous Parisian Louvre museum continues to break all possible records. According to news of France-Presse agency, this year the museum was visited by about ten million people – a million more than it had been in 2011.

As journalists of the agency report, this growth of attendance in Louvre was achieved thanks to tourists from China, Their number is increasing every year in Paris. In addition, along with travelers from China, the Louvre is very popular among tourists from the United States, Brazil, Italy and Germany.

An important reason for increasing of number of visitors to the museum is also the opening a new exposition wing dedicated to the art of the Islamic world in September of 2012. Also the exhibition “Late Rafael”, joint with Spanish Prado Museum, is very successful – it will last until the middle of January, but already at this moment more than 300 thousand people has watched it.

It is obvious that the Louvre is still the most visited museum in the world, passing ahead of “Metropolitan” in New York and the British Museum.