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Louis de Funes – exhibition at Crous Museum

This year is the 100th anniversary of birth of the great French actor, a true genius of the comedy, Louis de Funes. In honor of this important date Paris Crous Museum has organized a special exhibition where Parisians and guests of the capital can watch the life of this famous person closer.

The collection includes some 300 exhibits that were not shown to public before. The exhibition has rare bills, unique photos, fragments of screenplays, old films, personal letters of the actor. Also the museum offers portraits of Louis de Funes painted by the contemporaries, including his own son.

The exhibition will last until March 25th. In addition, you will have a possibility to take part in seminars and movie demonstrations, to visit interviews of film critics.

According to organizers, the main goal of the exhibition is to understand the phenomenon of Louis de Funes and the secret of his talent, to remind young generation of him.