LMFAO arranges a grandiose party in Paris

Do you hate Mondays? There is at least one serious reason to change your think of these days of the week. Exactly on Monday, May 14, the inflammatory duet of uncle and nephew – rappers Redfoo and Sky Blu – will arrange a bright show at Paris concert arena “Zenith”.

“Eternal party-goers” from Los Angeles Stefan Kendal Gordy and Skyler Husten Gordy, united under the name of LMFAO, have completely changed the club life in the world. Not only because of each party always offers such hits as «Sexy and I Know It», «Every day I’m Shuffling», «Party Rock Anthem» and others during several last years. “Beginners” Redfoo and Sky Blu, not “dinosaurs” of night clubs, could really unite millions of party-goers from all over the world in a unique social network «Party Rock People».

Tens of thousands their fans don’t feel shy to copy stupid, but funny hairstyles and costumes, because all this masquerade symbolizes the endless fun popularized by charismatic members of LMFAO project.

On Parisian stage musicians will perform not only own songs of LMFAO, but and stirring remixes on songs of Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Kanye West and other famous musicians. Of course, the famous dancing robot will get audience on stage with the dancers.

Tickets for the Paris concert of LMFAO cost from 67 to 284 euros.