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French dance

Today, April 29th, is the International Dance Day. It is the reason why we decided to write some lines about this art which adds color to any culture and any nation.

Everyone of us (a child from the kindergarten as well as a grey-headed retired person) knows what dance is. Dance is a bright visual description of people, their traditions and temperament. If talking about the Frenchmen, we have to realize that they are a very creative nation and dance is one of main ways of their cultural self-expression.

In principle, France is the country with very rich and beautiful culture where musical traditions figure high.

We won’t speak a lot about the French dance peculiarities today. That’s more than wide theme and we are not the main specialists in this issue :-). We would just offer to watch several videos with national dances of France and sincerely hope you will like it.





Of course, cancan

And some fun at the end 🙂