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Degas Exhibition in Giverny

If you still have not been to a picturesque French borough of Giverny, we can say frankly that it’s a serious omission :-). This village is considered one of the most beautiful places in the country.

And, believe us, these are not mere words but the fact! For many centuries, thousands of painters and poets have been coming to Giverny for inspiration, and among them we can find really legendary names.
Even the country estate (now the museum) of the great French painter Claude Monet, who devoted many years of his life to the village, is situated here.

If you are not far from the place mentioned, or about to visit France (besides, you are a lover of painting), go to Giverny and spend time not only feasting your eyes on beautiful sceneries but also visit an interesting exhibition dedicated to one of the most famous painters of the worl Edgar Degas – “Degas, un peintre impressionniste?”.

The exhibition takes place at the Museum of Impressionism and will last till July 19th, 2015. The exposition offers 60 works by Edgar Degas: drawings, pastels, paintings and sculptures.

The exhibition has four main themes: impressionism, classic Degas education, landscape painting and the painter’s attitude to his colleagues-impressionists after 1890.

Well, good weather, a beautiful countryside and exhibition of the great painter – is there anything better for a vivid trip? 😉