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Roman Polanski: Dance of Vampires in Theatre Mogador

New Year holidays are always bright events, but who said that we can’t add them some mystic. 🙂 Many of us love stories about vampires, and if you are such a person, we would like to advise you visiting the music show “Dance of Vampires (Le Bal des Vampires)” by Roman Polanski in the Theatre Mogador in Paris.

This music performance is based on the same name movie by the Polish-French director who was itself inspired by the famous Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula”.

The musical “Dance of Vampires” has been already played in twelve countries of the world and seen by more than seven million spectators.

The French adaptation is being played in Paris for the first time. The author of music is Jim Steinman, the libretto was written by Michael Kunze. Together with them Poman Polanski created this splendid parody music show full of humor and vampire’s shivers.

Dance of Vampires will last till the 31th of January, 2015.

Address of the Theatre Mogador: 5 rue Mogador, Paris 75009