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Parisian circus

Parisian circus opens a new season! October 12, 2013 began a new season and a new program, called “strong program “. Submissions will last until March 16, 2014. Divert yourself and your children of a cultural program with going to the circus.

The show will be presented to the audience in walls of the most ancient circus building in the world, at the winter circus arena in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Earlier this circus  was called Circus Napoleon.

In the new program you will see the performances of acrobats, tightrope walkers, clowns and animal trainers of tigers, horses, dogs and other animals. All this will be accompanied by live music orchestra of the Paris Winter Circus.

The program has been created by the most famous circus family of France, la famille Bouglione. The dynasty originated in the 19th century, successfully developed, and nowadays it possesses the ownership right over the largest circus in Paris.

Three sessions a day are provided: at 2 o’clock, at a half past five and a half past seven in the evening. Duration of Performance is 2 hours 20 minutes and tickets cost is 25 EUR. You can order tickets by clicking the link.