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Charles Aznavour: “I’m not dead, I’m in a good health”

One of the best singers of the present Charles Aznavour had to refute rumors of his death in the beginning of this year.

As people say, if you are “buried” in advance, you’ll live for a long time. The author of thousands of songs (many of which, of course, you know) is almost 90 years, but on the life energy and talent he will leave in the dust almost every young chanson singer.

You can not simply utter the words “Eternal Love» («Une vie d’amour»), you will sing them. This, perhaps, the best song of Charles Aznavour dozes in the hearts of everyone of us, awaking in the most romantic moments of our lives.

“That voice, which seems on the verge of disaster and can become hoarse or lapse into silence, the majestic voice of suffering from asthma, but bravely endearing top alpinist, the muffled and tormented voice of a wounded bird, dropped wonderful love songs at the scene along with the feathers. This winding in agony Stradivarius, the voice of seeming an extinct volcano, that pours words out more for heart than for ear, is heard throughout the world”,- perhaps, these are the best reference of Charles Aznavour by an art historian Yves Salg.

In order that we do not forget the real chanson, the maestro will give several concerts in Paris in early October.

You still can buy tickets and rent a cozy studio in the heart of Paris, where you will give yourself up to nostalgia after the show and drink, on principle (Charles Aznavour considers himself an Armenian, even singing in French and living in Switzerland), Armenian cognac in a good company.

You can see and hear the maestro Charles Aznavour on October 1, 2, 5 and 6 in Parisian concert hall “Olimpia”.