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Carambolages — An Unusual Exhibition at the Grand Palais

Paris Grand Palais has happily gone through the recent flood and opened its doors for all comers again. And it means that you have possibility to visit an unusual, but at the same time interesting, exhibition Carambolages whose curator is Jean-Hubert Martin.

Mr Martin made his name in 1989 after a provocative exhibition “Magicians of the Earth” which had aroused the serious discussions and heated arguments in the art world. And by opinion of certain critics, it was “throwing a challenge to the entire art system of the West”.

So, what did Jean-Hubert prepare for us this time?

The exposition of Carambolages – 185 art exhibits of different countries, styles and epochs. Finding yourself in an exhibition hall of the Grand Palais, you see an ancient pagan idol and … a case-box from Wim Delvoye scooter. The works of Annette Messager and Man Ray are neighbours with works of Rembrandt, Alberto Giacometti and François Boucher.

Concept of the Carambolages exhibition is that it’s a peculiar quest – here one exhibit is the key to the another one’s perception. Besides, the exhibition’s author doesn’t absolutely worry about stylistic continuity and time ages.

Maybe, some of you could consider such presentation of art works as a provocation, but exactly this – a feature and eccentricity of the exhibition, its uniqueness.

The exhibition Carambolages will last until the 4th of July, so you still have an opportunity to get to know the view of Jean-Hubert Martin to the world of art.

Grand Palais is located at 3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower, 75008 Paris.