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Paris Cabarets

Paris cabarets add the city its special charm and are an integral part of all tourist programs.

The first cabaret appeared under Napoleon III, the first French President, when he banned singing “chanson” outdoors. Soon cabarets became focused on the male audience. Nowadays they welcome families as the attention is paid to dancing skills.

The most famous cabaret is undoubtedly The Moulin Rouge. It opened its doors more than 100 years ago. The can-can was created there. Interesting to know, that in the early twentieth century the aim of the owner was not to surprise the audience, but to shock.

Crazy Horse. This cabaret is known for special performances. The owners invite celebrities to the “Crazy Horse” shows. So at different times there appeared the burlesque queen Dita Von Teese, the “Playboy girl” – Pamela Anderson and well known Carmen Electra.

Lido. This cabaret was founded by Italians who came to Paris. Their main invention was the format: dinner + show, which became so popular that it was copied by other cabarets. A bottle of champagne for each guest is a visiting card of Lido.

Cabaret Mugler is the youngest Parisian cabaret. It opened this autumn. The performance focuses on the customers who may afford more than the average tourist.

You choose where to go, but to our mind, better visit the traditional Moulin Rouge or provocative Crazy Horse.