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Cabaret Paradis Latin

If you’ve been in Paris or just learned the information about this city, so you surely know its famous cabarets – at least, Moulin Rouge and Crazy Horse. But they are not the only such establishments covered with glory and came into history of the French capital. From the point of fabulosity and popularity, the cabaret Paradis Latin is on the same level with foregoing ones.

History of the cabaret began in the beginning of the 19th century, when the Emperor Napoleon decided to establish Latin Theatre in Paris. And as the Emperor wants something, mere mortals have to fulfil his wishes – thus, the theater was born and had become famous as a cabaret.

We have to admit that Latin Theatre became popular right away, and its regular visitors were representatives of different estates: students, journalists, intellectuals, writers, merchants, bankers, politicians and others. Merimee, Dumas and Balzac had spend a lot of bright nights here – and the theatre itself always gladdened the audience with atmosphere of art.

In 1889, Latin Theatre was officially transformed into the cabaret Paradis Latin with sold out performances every night, famed far away from Paris. Especially in the times when the «headliner» of performances was a legend of the scene – Yvette Guilbert (later she became a prima in Moulin Rouge cabaret).

The «queen’s» leaving and growing popularity of Montmartre led the cabaret Paradis Latin into decay and complete closure. However, former greatness and glory were renewed – in 1977, the cabaret had opened its doors again, and its art director became Jean-Marie Riviere. Fantastic performances Champagne, Nuit de Paridis, Paradis l’Amur, Paradis a La Folie and Viva Paradis allowed Paradis Latin to be back to the pantheon of the greatest cabarets in Paris.

Nowadays performances at the cabaret Paradis Latin attract the audience of different ages – these are bright, colorful shows with amazing scenery, daring dances and chic dresses of the dancers – just unforgettable pleasure for your eyes! 🙂

The cabaret Paradis Latin is located on 28 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Official site –