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Cabaret Lido

Talking about the best Parisian cabarets, we can’t go by a cabaret Lido – a representative of TOP-4 the most popular and famous cabarets of the French capital, along with Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse and Paradis Latin.

In spite of Le Lido is the youngest of them, it’s an elegant and exquisite entertaining facility attracting even the most demanding audience.

Cabaret Lido surfaced on Champs-Elysses only in 1946 (it can be called a child age versus Moulin Rouge, for example) thanks to brothers of Clerico (Louis and Joseph). Enterprising relatives, seeing a need of the post war city in an unusual entertainments, had combined at Lido musical and dance traditions of a classic French cabaret and unrestraint of magnificent American Broadway. And as time showed, the brothers’ idea was more than successful – their creation got the world-wide glory.

Today, cabaret Lido is a high-level mix of traditional Frech cancan, east dances, shows of jugglers and conjurers, and even horsemen. Performances at the cabaret are so bright and thrilling, more than 500 thousand people from around the world visit it every year, who come to Paris looking for a real fest.

Also we should to say some words about the name of the cabaret. Lido is a well-known beach in Venice. And by one legend, Louis and Joseph arrived to Paris from this great town. Another version says that previously in the building where the cabaret was opened, there was a lot of paintings with that beach.

The main reason of Lido’s success is the system introduced by the owners – it combined unique entertainment turns and very tasteful dinner, cooked by the best cooks, which takes place before the performance to the accompaniment of beautiful jazz melodies. Later this system became popular at other institutions, not only in Paris and France.

However, firstly Lido is a cabaret, that’s why to be popular it needed the best performances. In 1948, the cabaret started a profitable cooperation with Margaret Kelly, who came here with a wonderful dance group «Bluebell Girls» – and the ladies had conquered Paris by their chic programs – sensate and sexy!

In 1977, cabaret Lido moved into a new placement at Champs-Elysées, which had been rearranged specially, and became an ideal place for admirable scenery making the show more colorful and interesting, without any limits for producers and directors.

Cabaret Lido presents its guests an amazing atmosphere of a true French charm, exquisite performances and wonderful French cuisine.

The evening here starts with the dinner at 7 p.m., with a glass of champagne from the chef. At 9 p.m. performance of the actors starts and ends past midnight.

Address of Le Lido de Paris: 16 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris.

Give yourself a fest – visit cabaret Lido! 🙂