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Cabaret Crazy Horse – the art of striptease

We are used to such symbols of Paris like Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Tuileries Gardens… Of course, it is so. However, it is impossible to separate the famous cabarets from this magnificent city. Certainly, many of you know the legendary Moulin Rouge, about which many stories have been written and even a movie has been shot. However, this article will tell about other well-known Parisian cabaret – “Crazy Horse”.

All visitors of this entertaining house leaves it very impressed, because everything here is done in order to give pleasure. Crazy Horse cabaret is a combination of naked bodies of beautiful women, music, dance and light. At the same time all is fun and grotesque, what attracts to the cabaret even real Puritans, who usually try to keep clear of strip clubs.

Crazy Horse offers solo and group dance performances. There are numbers, in which the dancers appear on the stage in beautiful costumes, a few minutes later sending their stockings, shoes, dresses to the auditorium… And this is done in the best tradition of the classic cabarets. In other shows the girls are on stage completely naked, obvolute with a light haze of subdued light.

Speaking on Crazy Horse cabaret it is impossible not to talk about its founder – Mr. Alain Bernardin. Being a thirty-five age, he bought the old wine cellars and turned them into the salon, whose style was American Wild West. Of course, the name of the cabaret had to satisfy its image. And “Crazy Horse” fits very well.

Unfortunately for the owner, this idea was not very popular among Parisian public and he had to change a concept of the cabaret. Those years (the late 1950s) the burlesque genre had a great popularity in America. Alain Bernardin decided to use it in his updated Crazy Horse. The idea was very successful. The cabaret has become very popular among Parisians and numerous guests of the city. Extravaganza of the shows attracted tourists from all over the world.

However, the usual genre of erotic show did not suit the owner, Alain had looked for something new and unusual constantly. He wanted to put the cabaret onto the level of the genuine art. Bernardin became like a sculptor, and his tools were beautiful female bodies and light.

Crazy Horse cabaret pleases its visitors for the last sixty years, more than five hundred dancers of different nationalities performed on its legendary stage. In 2007 the interior of the cabaret was renewed, but the new owners (children of Alain Bernardin) managed to keep its legendary style, charm and atmosphere.

The location of the cabaret – Avenue George V – can be called elite. For example, there are boutiques of such famous brands as Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga.

Organizers of the show offer tickets of two types: 1st – champagne + performance; 2nd – dinner + performance. Prestigious restaurants of Paris are the gastronomic partners of Crazy Horse, so you can be sure that dinner in the cabaret will be very good.

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