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Atmosphere of Britain in Paris

Paris is always Paris! But it’s very pleasant to feel the presence of another culture, so to say, to save on the trip to another country even if it’s the neighbourhood and it is Britain. We’re glad to inform you that the French capital will pay honours to the Foggy Albion from the beginning of September to October 9.

The main centre of “London-mania” will be the famous Paris department store Printemps at Boulevard Haussmann. Its shops will offer different actions in London Touch style and many British artists will perform under the dome of the main hall.

In addition, staying in Paris you can have a nice time and be inspired with the spirit of descendants of Angles, Saxons and Gaels in the following places:

English shop. This a classic British grocery where you can buy such popular goods as Cheddar cheese, crackers, oatmeal porridge, etc., as well as numerous souvenirs.

Tea Caddy. Founded in 1928, this tea salon will be liked even by the true anglophiles. The menu offers not only tea, here you’ll have an opportunity to taste buns, muffins, and eggs.

Highlander. A popular Scottish pub next to the Pont Neuf with an excellent festive atmosphere, wide variety of the best whisky and DJs performances.

Bombardier. One more remarkable pub with a wonderful cuisine and famous sorts of English beer.

Enjoy the atmosphere of Britain but remember you’re in Paris! 🙂