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Bulgaria at Louvre

April 15, 2015 / Art & Culture
Thracian Kings Epic

The Louvre museum continues to show its visitors archeological treasures of different nations of the world. This time every comer can see the exhibits telling the history of Bulgaria. Yesterday, April 14th, the Exhibition “Thracian Kings’ Epic – Archaeological Discoveries in Bulgaria” under patronage of the Prime Minister of this European country was opened.

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Lumiere Brothers Exhibition

April 8, 2015 / Art & Culture

Do you love cinema? Probably, that’s a stupid question because everybody loves cinema. :-) It would seem, nowadays movies are part and parcel of our life, but it’s only a little more than 100 years as they appeared.

As all of us know, one of the first filmmakers in the world – Lumiere brothers, whose names are among the greatest persons in the history of France. And the Frenchmen revere the memory of their famous countrymen.

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Wallpapers for home beauty

April 7, 2015 / Various

How to design walls of our apartment, which materials are better to use? These and such the questions we ask during renovation or just when want to change something in the interior. Of course, there is a lot of answers. :-)

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Flying Houses of Paris

April 2, 2015 / Art & Culture
Laurent Chehere - Collage

We are always ready to gladden you with some interesting things about Paris. This time we would like to share a very interesting series of photo works by the remarkable French photographer Laurent Chehere, who envisaged flying houses (and some other constructions) of Paris.

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April Fish Day

April 1, 2015 / Art & Culture
April Fish Day

Holiday. It’s always fine! And today is the day when we celebrate one of the merriest and most positive occasions – April Fools’ Day. By tradition (certainly you have such a tradition), we play a practical joke on our friends and colleagues and, of course, can be hooked by their jokes back. :-)

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Eiffel Tower – 126

March 31, 2015 / Various
eiffel tower

Today, is a real holiday in France, in Paris for sure! :-) 126 years ago – March 31, 1889 – the official opening of the Eiffel Tower, the brightest symbol of the modern Paris, took place.

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Yang Liu – Europe-Asia

March 30, 2015 / Art & Culture
yang liu

Different cultures, different behaviour… Exactly these distinctions are the main sense of the series of works Europe-Asia by Yang Liu, the painter, whose childhood passed in China, and who since 2014 has been living in Germany.

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Cabaret Aux Trois Mailletz

March 27, 2015 / Food & Drinks
les trois mailletz

What is Paris? You may say: a tourist mecca, a cultural heart of Europe, fantastic architecture… But, to our mind, first of all Paris is the freedom of spirit, mood which you have to feel and plug into it keeping good company!

The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysees, Les Invalides, etc. – that’s fine, but you need something else to make the picture complete. :-)

Want some joy and fun? Go to the places where it is not just words, but a true philosophy and meaning of life. We would like to show you such a place. Cabaret Aux Trois Mailletz!

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License Plate for Auto – The First One

March 26, 2015 / Various
license plate

Modern world is difficult to imagine without automobiles. Trucks, passenger cars, sedans, sport-cars, heavy tippers… Each of them has its unique qualities and ways of use, however, practically every one has a common trait, license plate or numberplate, call it as you wish, the sense is the same.

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Official Language of England – French?

March 25, 2015 / Various

Live and learn – it’s never late… Every schoolchild knows about close relation between France and England.  The countries were at war (one against another and together against a common enemy), traded with each other, shared their cultural traditions, etc. However, the French language (Norman, if to be more correct) had been an official language of England for a period of three centuries (!!!) Just imagine! Shock?! :-)

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