Laon – Gothic gem of Picardie

April 23, 2014 | France, Fun, interesting ...

Notre Dame from height

As we have said in our blogs many times previously, being on vacations in Paris you should not renounce yourself the pleasure of visiting to interesting towns located not far from the capital. You can spend a day for a tour but, be sure, you’ll get new nice impressions. Of course, Paris is Paris, but France is not over beyond its borders :-)

This time we would like to say some words on a town of Laon which is located 130 kilometers to the north-east from Paris in the region of Picardie. This town is on the place of an ancient Gallic settlement, and nowadays is famous, firstly, for its unique beautiful medieval architecture. It’s notable that the old town of Laon is on the hill of 188 meters height.

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Free roller excursions in Paris

April 4, 2014 | France, Fun, interesting ...

Free roller excursions in Paris

If you are fond of roller-skating then, perhaps, you’ll be glad to know that now tourists may have enthralling excursions across Paris in a sports regime. For example, every Friday Paris Roller company organizes night tours (Paris by night) in Montparnasse area during which you can see many theatres, the Montparnasse tower, the old Paris custom house, the Observatory, the Catacombs and other interesting places. Beginning – 09.30 p.m.

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Les impressionistes en Prive — exhibition of impressionists in Paris

March 18, 2014 | Events, interesting, Leasure ...

Les impressionistes en Prive Paris 2014 Musee Marmottan Monet

Paris is not only a beautiful city, it’s the place connected inseparably with art in all its displays. It’s not a secret for anyone that for many centuries the French capital has attracted thousands of talented painters, poets, writers and other creative persons. It is a muse that helps to open their best abilities.

And for those ordinary people who do not have artistic talents but simply love art, Paris has always been close due to numerous museums, offering true masterpieces. Different exhibitions are organized in the city permanently: legendary expositions as well as works of unknown masters are presented.

Perhaps, you’re also a connoisseur of painting. If so, and you’re going to Paris in the short run, we recommend to visit the exhibition Les impressionistes en Prive at the Musee Marmottan Monet.

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