Mobility rental contract

The creation of a shorter, more flexible rental lease was part of candidate Macron's promises. More frequent distance from the family circle, high professional mobility, difficulty in accessing housing due to insufficient financial guarantees, it can be complicated for students, young workers or people to find accommodation today. The current "Alur Law" type leases in fact provide for a period of at least one year for furnished rentals, with an exception of 9 months for students. This rigidity can also prove to be penalizing for owners. The guarantees required for him in the current system, the tenant is particularly protected as soon as he enters the premises. In the event of a dispute, the procedures are long and tedious.

Public concern

The mobility lease is created for people who need a short rental contract for personal or professional reasons. Its fixed duration of 1 to 10 months provides a lot of flexibility. In order to sign a mobility lease, the tenant must be:

  • On professional training.
  • Enrolled in graduate studies.
  • On an apprenticeship contract.
  • Internship.
  • On a voluntary basis as part of a civic service provided for in II of Article L. 120-1 of the National Service Code.
  • In professional exchange.
  • On temporary assignment as part of his professional activity.

Accommodation, matching the mobility lease contract

Only the furnished apartments can be a subject of a mobility contract. The list of equipment to be made available to the tenant does not differ from the “classic” furnished rental contract.

The duration of the mobility contract

The duration of this lease is from 1 to 10 months. It is non-renewable. A tenant wishing to stay in the premises at the end of the lease will have to sign a new Alur Law type lease, if the owner agrees.

Terms mobility lease termination

Only the tenant can decide to leave the accommodation by respecting a notice of 1 month. He doesn't have to justify the reason. The leave is notified by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and runs from the date of receipt of this letter.