Studios in Paris

Though the term “studio” initially meant a working space of artists or sculptors, today this word has become current for many of us. Modern studio is an apartment, a place where we live or spend our time renting it during vacations.

Delving deeply into history of this term, it should be noted that in its modern meaning “studio” appeared in America in the 20’s of the last century but very quickly migrated to other continents. The author of the concept of such apartments was a group of architects under the direction of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who firstly proposed to abandon the use of inner walls in apartments interiors.

Studio apartments came to Europe after the Second World War but had become popular very quickly. And speaking of Paris, we have to recognize that among rental apartments studios occupy a large percentage.

However, let’s see what a studio is.

In many movies we see such apartments where at the same time there are as a living space as kitchen in a one room.

Firstly Parisian studios, as, in principle, and in other cities, are rather democratic. These apartments are suitable as for comfortable stay as lively parties for friends. Moreover, there is no so called classical order, what certainly makes an apartment more original. Due to a simple layout you can always easily change design of the apartment, to add into it new and interesting elements.

Perhaps, someone may say that the presence of a kitchen in the living room is not the most pleasant solution. But in any case modern household equipment makes possible to avoid any possible unpleasant consequences, as a smell during cooking, for example.

If you plan to come to Paris on holiday with a family with children, so a studio will not be the best option. But when you are planning a romantic vacation or a business trip to the French capital, be sure, studio is what you need exactly. And you have to take into account as housing as price characteristics.

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