Why Paris rental apartments instead of hotels

Hundreds of unique museums, amazing architecture, beautiful gardens and parks, the Seine, legendary Parisian cafes and restaurants, fashion galleries and passages… We can extend a list of places what attracts millions of tourists to this fantastic city infinitely, but… there is a nuance.

And this nuance is where will we stay!

It’s difficult to say that in Paris there is a lack of hotels, but very often when we get to know their prices, we have to change the route and go to other places or to fix a different date for the trip until our purse will become more tight-filled. And even if finances allow us to stay in a hotel, it is usual that we have to book it for many months before the trip. Agree, this thing does not look promising.

The most realistic and logical alternative to hotels is to rent apartments in Paris.

You may ask: why is this option better than the previous one? And you will be absolutely right, because you risk of the quality of your vacations? We’ll try to answer this question.

So, let’s begin. First, the number of rental flats and other apartments in Paris is comparable with the number of rooms available in all hotels of the city.

Second. If there are so many of them, so you can choose any type of Parisian accommodation, starting from a budget studio, ending a super exclusive mansion of Napoleon epoch.

Third. Even the most respectable hotel (it doesn’t matter in Paris or New York) doesn’t give you a real home atmosphere. For example, it is very important if you spend your vacation with the kids.

No less important is the question of housing location. One person prefers to stay in a lively central quarter, and someone will choose a quiet suburb. As the saying is, every man to his own taste. In Paris you can rent an apartment in any of the 20 districts, as well as in the nearest suburbs.

And, of course, the key question for every tourist (unless you do not have an own oil derrick :-)) – price of rental apartments. In this case rental apartments have more advantageous positions than the vast majority of Parisian hotels. Rent of an apartment comparable with a similar hotel room will cost 20-30 percent less. First of all, this is perceptible if you need to stay in the French capital for a long time.

How to rent an apartment in Paris?

The first option. Find the owner of the apartment by itself. You may be lucky, may be not.

The second option. Address your request to a licensed real estate agency and get a comfortable accommodation for your stay in Paris without the extra time and moral costs.

GlamourApartments company operates at the market of Paris real estate since 2007 and today we are ready to offer our clients more than two thousand (2000) comfortable furnished Parisian studios, budget flats, luxury apartments, suburban houses. We accept your application as on phone as e-mail (our contacts), and process them in one day, offering the best possible accommodation for your comfortable stay.

We are waiting for you in Paris,

GlamourApartments Team