15 Raisons Merveilleux to Rent Luxury Apartments in Paris from Glamour

Have you bored everyone from close friends to your French teacher with details of your unfulfilled hopes and dreams that center around Paris? Relax.

Putting fantastic dreams on hold for practical reasons is the way of the world—until now, that is. You’re looking for luxury Paris apartment rentals because a hotel won’t do. As you browse the following list of reasons you deserve to spend your time enjoying the City of Lights in any of the luxury Paris apartment rentals on Glamour Apartments list, it’s okay to take pity on those still dreaming rather than planning!

1. You deserve Paris luxury apartment rentals.

You’ve saved. Skimped. Done without the newest shade of lipstick on the fashion scene–all because you’ve got tunnel vision that helps you keep your wallet in your purse in order to travel to Paris and stick around in a Paris luxury apartment. How many memories can you make if you’re sequestered in a cheap hotel room rather than rent luxury apartment Paris throughout your stay? Not many. See for yourself at GlamourApartments.com.

2. Audrey Hepburn would adore you for leasing Paris luxury apartment rentals.

Having seen way too many screenings of the classic film Funny Face, imagining yourself in Audrey Hepburn’s place, and you know the iconic star would give you a big nod of approval if you choose a luxury apartment in Paris over an impersonal hotel. We’ve got luxury apartment rentals Paris that Audrey would rent in a heartbeat.

3. Impress friends with your Paris luxury apartment rentals’ address.

Share the news of your impending trip to Paris by blithely sending friends a link to our website so they know you mean business, Cherie. Your biggest decision will be how long you stay at a luxury apartment Paris (choose daily or monthly rentals) and which of the 1500 units on the Glamour Apartment roster appeals most to your sensibilities.

4. Learn the language staying at Paris luxury apartment rentals.

Your French teacher said it over and over again: There’s only one place to master French and that’s Paris. It takes time to adjust your ear to idioms, phrases and nuances—and you’ll have plenty of time to become proficient if you choose a monthly Glamour Apartment rental over one you rent by the day. You may even be able to write your luxury rental Paris accommodation off when you do your taxes if you can prove your job requires French mastery.

5. Conquer French history while staying at Paris luxury apartment rentals.

It’s around every corner, and given the huge selection of apartments on the Glamour Apartments database, you can get as close to the sites you long to see as availability allows. No matter which accommodation you pick from our vast library of luxury apartments for rent in Paris, you’ll be somewhere close to history yet your luxury apartments Paris rent won’t break your budget.

6. Become a notable cook while enjoying Paris luxury apartment rentals.

Baked brie, camembert and pate atop toast points? You don’t have to follow in Julia Childs’ footsteps and attend Cordon Bleu to master the art of French cookery—but you could if you rent your apartment long enough to take classes. When you book with Glamour Apartments, be sure to specify a kitchen to practice your skills and see if savory fragrances emanating from your stove don’t help you make friends even faster.

7. Hammer out a novel during your Paris luxury apartment rentals adventure.

You’ve longed to write ever since the day your teacher told you that you have a poetic soul. Rent an apartment with an inspiring view through Glamour Apartments, set up your computer, locate the nearest patisserie and go to it! Unlike Gertrude Stein’s Paris efforts, you won’t need a single sheet of bond paper because you’ve got computer storage space and Internet access to accomplish your goal.

8. Re-imagine your life while sequestered in Paris luxury apartment rentals.

Psychologists agree that environmental change can be life-affirming, which is why international travelers staying at Glamour Apartment properties never fail to mention the fact that their stay at a luxury apartment rental in Paris resulted in a new world view and prospective. Look around. Surroundings matter. Find out just how much once you arrive at your luxury rental.

9. Think like a Rodin sculpture while residing in Paris luxury apartment rentals.

Nobody’s denying the fact that the French think differently than all other cultures and you’ll be pleased to read that when you rent a Glamour Apartment through our agency, you’re also guaranteed of a mind-shift during your stay. From the quality of meals, to the air you breathe and the laid-back attitudes of the Parisians you encounter, you’ll change the way you look at the world, no matter how long you stick around. Guaranteed.

10. Learn to navigate the city from your Paris luxury apartment rentals.

Learn about charming and quirky neighborhoods you’ve heard about but weren’t quite sure what travel writers meant when they made the claim. A bicycle gets you around more expeditiously, but comfortable walking shoes will do. Your Glamour Apartment hosts are your go-to resource: In addition to perfect digs and pointing you in the direction of bicycle rentals, they can identify neighborhood(s) in close proximity to your apartment.

11. Hang with artsy types while leasing Paris luxury apartment rentals.

Paris is indeed the city to which one comes in order to boost cache when it comes to all things creative. Imagine this: You’ve rented luxury Paris apartments from Glamour that are conveniently located near the Louvre, and you’ve also picked up a guide to the best galleries in Paris. Ingratiate yourself with gallery owners, stick around long enough and return home with tales of invitations to swank opening shows.

12. Host trendy parties at your Paris luxury apartment rentals.

If you’re typical of renters who count on Paris luxury apartments resources like Glamour Apartments to provide idyllic accommodations that transcend impersonal hotel rooms, you know that socializing is icing on a cake when one lives in a luxury Paris apartment. Invite new friends over for coffee and croissants or wine and cheese in a homey environment that’s welcoming and intimate.

13. Upgrade your wardrobe while staying at Paris luxury apartment rentals.

Admit it: You dream of being complimented on an outfit and responding, “Thank you! I got it at a little atelier in Paris.” Up your fashion savvy big time by shopping boutiques throughout Paris to gain a sense of what’s au courant and what’s passé. You don’t have to buy everything you see, Ma Cher, but since Paris luxury apartments for rent won’t break your budget, you can snap up classics that would make Chanel proud.

14. Make forever friends courtesy of Paris luxury apartment rentals connections.

Forget everything you’ve heard about the French being stand-offish, aloof and cold! When you mention the fact that you’ve rented a little place through Glamour Apartments you’ll be seen as someone interested enough in French culture and lifestyle to stay at a luxury apartment rental in Paris, rather than a hotel.

15. Fall in love — thanks to Paris luxury apartment rentals, too.

Leave this for last? Mais oui! There is no more romantic place on the planet. By renting luxury apartments in Paris—especially long-term units booked through a respected agency like Glamour Apartments—you’ll be around long enough to test out your FQ (flirtation quotient). In case a gorgeous member of the opposite sex comes along, you’ll be open to all possibilities. Falling in love in Paris is as natural as the Seine River’s flow. You can even credit your Paris luxury rental resource, Glamour Apartments, for being your matchmaker!

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