Excursions and Tours

The GlamourApartments Сompany offers you enthralling excursions to the interesting places in Paris and within the city.

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Castles of the river Loire Valley

Duration: 12 hours. Price: 1-4 persons – 750, 5-8 people – 870 Euro.

During this tour you will visit castles, located in the French provinces of Touraine, Anjou, Berry and Orleans. We offer the castles of Chambord, Amboise, Chenonceau, Blois, Cheverny, built in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Loire *

Excursion to Champagne

Duration: 12 hours. Cost: 1-4 persons – 650, 5-8 persons – 750 Euro.

The starting point of the excursion is the legendary city of Reims, its cathedral of Notre Dame where all kings of France were crowned, Palais du Tau, Basilica of Saint-Remy.

Dinner at a restaurant specializing in the classic cuisine of Champagne.

The town of Epernay. This place is considered a center of winemaking of the province, the vineyards are everywhere. Visit to the House Moet & Chandon with the obligatory tasting of the legendary sorts of champagne. Champagne *

Normandy in summer (April – mid October)

Duration: 12 hours. Price: 1-4 persons – 750, 5-8 people – 870 Euro.

The tour includes a visit of the estate of Claude Monet, Honfleur, Deauville; bathing in the waters of English Channel; tasting of favorite French drinks: calvados, cider, pommier; lunch; a visit to the beach of Deauville; Giverny.

Departure from Paris in the early morning.

The cost of dinner and tickets to Giverny are not included in the price. Normandy. *

Normandy in winter

Duration: 12 hours. Cost of the tour: 1-4 persons – 750, 5-8 persons – 870 Euro.

A visit of Rouen, Rouen Cathedral, Etretat, Fecamp; tasting of calvados, cider, pommier; Deauville, Trouville.

Departure from Paris in the early morning. About 10 hours in the morning is arrival in Rouen; sightseeing, shopping.

Climbing the cliffs of Etretat on the Normandy coast, Fecamp Abbey with tasting of the famous liqueur “Benedictine”.

Lunch at a local restaurant.

Visit of the towns of Deauville and Trouville, and then leave for Paris.

Excursion to the park “France in miniature” and Chateau de Breteuil (April – October)

Duration: 10 hours. Cost of the tour: 1-4 persons – 650, 5-8 persons – 750 Euro. You can also order a short version of the tour on time (price: 400 and 450 Euro).

During this tour you will visit very interesting park “France in miniature“, where the copies of the most important sights of France (castles, palaces, cathedrals), and the Castle of Breteuil with a museum of the legendary writer Charles Perrault. *

Castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte

Duration: 5 hours. Cost: 1-4 persons – 400, 5-8 persons – 450 Euro. Tickets to the castle (8-17 Euro) are not included in the price.

The Castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte is one of the most remarkable architectural sight of the 17th century in France. Its features – a great luxury interior of rooms and delightful gardens surrounding the palace. *

Excursion to Chartres

Excursion to the ancient French city of Chartres, famous for its legendary bazaars. However, the main object of the trip is Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres – a pearl of Gothic architecture of the twelfth century. Chartres Notre Dame *

Tour to Burgundy

Duration: 12 hours. Price: 1-4 persons – 750, 5-8 people – 870 Euro.

Burgundy – this is one of the most famous wine provinces of France. During this tour you will visit companies, making remarkable wines, admire the local vineyards, taste the best sorts of this drink.

The program includes a visit of the town of Dijon and the wine capital of the province – the town of Bon; a dinner at a restaurant of local cuisine, where you can taste the legendary dishes of Burgundy snails. *

Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel

Duration: 12 hours. Price: 1-4 persons – 750, 5-8 people – 870 Euro.

Excursion to the famous French Benedictine Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel, situated on a rocky island near the coast of Normandy. This religious architectural complex is the greatest legacy of the Middle Ages. *

Zoo in Thoiry

Duration: 4 hours. Cost: 1-4 persons – 350, 5-8 – 390 Euro.

It’s forty kilometers from Paris and you are an interesting Thoiry park near the castle. Magnificent gardens, a labyrinth, a zoo with animals from all corners of our planet, the real safari near Paris. *

Castle of Chantilly

Duration: 5 hours. Price: 1-4 persons – 400, 5-8 persons – 450 Euro.

The tour offers a visit of the magnificent ancient castle of Chantilly, included in a list of the most attractive castles in France. The castle has an interesting architecture, luxurious décor of apartments, the famous stables built by the order of Henri-Louis Bourbon. *

Russian cemetery of Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois

Duration: 3 hours. Price: 1-4 persons – 300, 5-8 people – 330 Euro.

Visit of the cemetery of Saint-Genevieve-des-Bois, where many famous people from Russia and the Soviet Union are buried. Here there are the graves of members of noble families, artists, politicians and public figures. Among them you’ll find the grave of famous writer Ivan Bunin,  dancer Rudolf Nureyev, the great princes Andrei and Gavriil Romanov. *


Duration: 5 hours. Cost: 1-4 persons – 400, 5-8 persons – 450 Euro.

Fontainebleau was one of the favorite residences of many French monarchs, from the twelfth century. Many well-known architects, decorators, master of landscape design had worked on the creation of the palace. Today Fontainebleau is a very popular historic architectural ensemble among the tourists. *

Excursion to Barbizon (as an addition to a visit of Fontainebleau)

Duration: 1 hour. Price: 1-4 persons – 50, 5-8 people – 60 Euro.

The village of Barbizon is located near the picturesque forest of Fontainebleau. Barbizon is world-wide known due to its school of painting, which became the forerunner of Impressionism. Such the great painters as Monet and Bazille are considered its brightest representatives. The present Barbizon attracts numerous tourists, who wish to acquire an original element of the interior, which are sold in numerous local shops. *

Saint-Malo (as an addition of the excursion to Mont Saint-Michel)

Duration: 3 hours. Price: 1-4 persons – 150, 5-8 persons – 180 Euro.

The town of Saint-Malo was founded in Breton in a distant twelfth century by Catholic saints Brendan and Aaron. The main attractions of the town are the Cathedral of Saint-Vincent, Museum of world explorers and a unique aquarium. In Saint-Malo you’ll find numerous buildings of the eighteenth century. *


Duration: 12 hours. Cost of the tour: 1-4 persons – 750, 5-8 persons – 870 Euro.

Our company, besides tours of France, offers you a trip to Belgian capital – city of Brussels. It has the history since the sixth century and today is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with magnificent architecture and a large number of interesting sights. Excursion to the city will not leave you indifferent. *

Excursion to a museum (Louvre or any other à la carte)

Duration: 3 hours. Cost: 1-4 persons – 200, 5-8 persons – 230 Euro.

The price with a transfer (driver will take the group at the apartment and will take in any place in Paris at the end of the excursion): 1-4 persons – 300, 5-8 people – 330 Euro.

The cost of reservation (30 euros) for a group of more than 5 people and museum’s tickets are not included in the price of the excursion.

We offer to organize an excursion to any museum in Paris for your company. Our service is particularly interesting for those who have a desire to visit the famous Louvre Museum (or other popular museum). Addressing to us, you save yourself from standing at a huge queue. *

Sightseeing tour of Paris with photo-pause

The tour’s price depends on its length (minimum – 3 hours). Minimum price: 1-4 persons – 300, 5-8 people – 330 Euro.

This tour will help you to create the first impression of Paris. During the tour you will see the main sights and monuments of this wonderful city: Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Opera Garnier, Notre Dame (with internal inspection), Montparnasse tower, the burial place of Napoleon and the magnificent ensemble of Les Invalides, Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde, Grand Palais and Petit Palais. Guide will lead the tour and answer all your questions about Paris. *


Duration: 4 hours. Price: 1-4 persons – 350, 5-8 people – 390 Euro.

Versailles. The residence of one of the most interesting from a historical point of view king of France – Louis XIV. This architectural complex is an embodiment of the boldest decisions of the masters of that time, seeking to please the Sun King. The centuries later, but the luxury of the palace is faded not a jot, and thousands of tourists from all over the world come here every year. *

Tour “Paris by Night”

Duration: 3 hours. Price: 1-4 persons – 300, 5-8 people – 330 Euros.

Paris… “City of Lights”… It has many faces and is very beautiful. Of course, you want to know more about this city, to see what has not seen before. With our tour “Evening in Paris” you will discover the new Paris – mysterious and beautiful, enchanting and ever-living.
You will admire the magnificent lighting of monuments, let you to be surprised by the amazing spectacle – Eiffel tower, decorated with thousands of sparkling lights reflecting in the waters of Seine… You are sure to love this city forever and will always want to come back again! *

Cruise on Seine (with lunch or dinner)

Duration: 2-2.5 hours. Price: depending on time of tour and group size. *

Tour of Seine – is an unforgettable experience, it is something what no one truly romantic person, arriving in Paris – the city of love, can do without. Delightful wine, views of beautiful historic sights, pleasant music, bright lights of Paris quays…

Additional terms: a business dress code (sportswear and jeans are excluded), no smoking on board, 100% prepayment. *

* all detailed information about the tours you can get by phone or e-mail. Our contacts