Metro in Paris

Paris has one of the largest metro system in the world, where there are more than 300 stations, connecting the various parts of the city.

There are several types of tickets, which are used in the Paris Metro.

Simple ticket “Le ticket t+” gives you one trip within two hours. You can also use it to travel by bus without transplantation (remember, it must be validated at the entrance). It’s better to buy 10 tickets at once, it will be cheaper.

Because of the transport in Paris is zonal with increasing rates, travel tickets must be purchased for 1-2 zones.

Ticket “Mobilis” allows you to use buses all the day. But in this case it’s necessary to write in it your name and have an identification document!

For people < 26 years old there is a discounted ticket “Ticket Jeunes Week-end” for the holidays! It’s also nominal!

The card “Forfait Paris Visite” allows you to move around the city during 1,2,3 or 5 days. Furthermore, the presence of such a ticket gives you a discount for purchasing tickets to some of Parisian museums and sightseeing tours.

Remember! That tickets should be kept up to the last station or the end of you trip! Otherwise, in the case of control you’ll get the penalty of 68 Euro. Multi-day card is kept for the duration of its period of validity. Do not punch it in the bus, simply show the driver.

Because of there are lots of lines and stations in Paris metro, we offer you a link where you can see the map of Parisian underground.

PS Remember that in Parisian metro you should be extremely careful because you can easily become a victim of pickpockets.