Hotel des Invalides

Louis XIV initiated the project by an order dated November 24, 1670, as a home and hôspital for aged and unwell soldiers: the name is a shortened form of hopital des invalides, the hospital for invalids. The architect of Les Invalides was Libéral Bruant. The selected site was suburban in the seventeenth century. By the time the enlarged project was completed in 1676, the river front measured 196 metres and the complex had fifteen courtyards, the largest being the cour d’hônneur («court of honour») for military parades.

The most notable tomb at Les Invalides is that of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) Napoleon was initially interred on Saint Helena, but King Louis-Philippe arranged for his remains to be brought to St Jerome’s Chapel in Paris in 1840. A renovation of Les Invalides took many years, but in 1861 Napoleon was moved to the most prominent location under the dome at Les Invalides.

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