District 10

10-th district of Paris has two names Saint-Laurent (Enclos-St-Laurent) or the Gare du Nord (Arrondissement de l’Entrepot). There are two stations: East (Gare de l’Est) and North (Gare du Nord). Station buildings themselves are architectural monuments of the XIX century and are of historical value. Sometimes you can hear more poetic name of the 10 th District – Golden drop (Goutte d’Or). Previously, it was the name of vineyard which was located here in the Middle Ages.

There aren’t lots of museums and monuments in 10 th Parisian Arrondissement. Here you can see the Republic Square with the statue of the same name (1880), symbolizing the “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” and the Church of Vincent de Paul (XVII century).

In this area live many immigrants. Because of that in the old buildings you will find a lot of ethnic shops. Here you can go to Parisian shopping at flea markets and visit such markets as is the famous African market Marche Dejean. Local cultural life is concentrated along the Canal Saint-Martin. The channel was needed in the XIX century to water fountains located on the little squares of the district. Park La Villette is considered to be the main attraction of the 10 th district, although the main part of the largest park of the French capital is placed already in a 19-th area.