Women’s Day! Dear Ladies, Happy Holiday!

Traditionally this weekend, March the 8th, we celebrate a splendid and noble holiday – International Women’s Day!

Women are everything for us! Our mummies, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends… This day all of them get greetings from their loving men (some luckies get it even more often 🙂 ). In many countries the holiday is an integral part of life, but some people can ask a question: “What is this day and why?”

Of course, we remember that official initiators of the International Women’s Day are Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg, but only some of us know that Women’s holiday appeared as early as in Ancient Rome. That day men celebrated women, gave gifts to them and prepared colorful greetings. Even women-slaves used to get a day off.

womens day ancient rome

However, in spite of its international status, the 8th of March is not the women’s holiday everywhere. For example, that’s the Sultan’s Day in Malaysia, the Youth Day in Zambia or the Day of Revolution in Syria.

And being honest, we have to recognize that quite often we depreciate the role of women in history and their achievements.

Be sure, next to nobody knows that the first novel was written more than a 1000 years ago by Murasaki Shikibu in Japan.

murasaki shikibu

And how many talented and successful women-scientists  history knows? Very likely, everyone can think of some names. 😉


Also remember that about 66 percent of all work in the world is done by women, who bear children at the same time.

Dear Ladies! Girls, women, grandmothers! Let everything be fine, and the day of March 8 – once a week at least!