Who is the richest in France

Gfk agency carried out a research on the level of disposable income and found out that in 2018 the Frenchmen are at the 13th position in Europe. On average, every French resident can spent (purchasing power) 20040 Euro per year (after taxes payments), while an average European only 14290 Euro.

According received data, the most «rich» regions in France are Auvergne‐Rhône‐Alpes (near Swiss border) and Ile-de-France (a metropolitan area). And what is notable, TOP-10 of this rating consists of representatives of these regions only.

The leader by welfare is Boulogne-Billancourt commune, located on the south-west border of Paris. Purchasing power here is 30310 Euro per head. And the prices for real estate are ones of the highest in the country.

The second position in the Gfk rating – Gex (a town in 5 km from the Swiss border and 16 km from Geneve) with an index of 29820 Euro per person.

The capital city Paris (29430 Euro per head) is at the third position.

Talking about the most «poor» regions in France, the lowest positions of the rating are Vervins (in the northern France) and the northern Paris suburb Saint-Denis with disposable income of 14700 Euro per head.

What about all the Europe, Liechtenstein is an unconditional leader by this index – 65440 Euro per person.