War on beggars is declared in Paris

Paris is a big city and like almost every metropolis has a problem of begging. This problem is particularly urgent in the most popular tourist areas of Paris. Certainly, many tourists who have been in Paris could saw the situation when a shaking from the cold man stands with his arms outstretched and sign “I’m hungry.”

Naturally, we can find such things in any big city of the world. We all know that France, like most European countries, is experiencing an economic crisis. Accordingly, the number of beggars increases.

A few days ago the French Interior Minister Claude Guéant has signed several ordinances that ban beggars to appear in public tourist places. It is difficult to say about effectivity of arrests and fines in the fight against this category of citizens, but such a decision is made.

Champs Elysees became the first banned tourist area even in September, and now the Louvre, department stores Printemps and Galeries Lafayette, Tuileries Gardens had been added to the list.