The major horse racing of the year will be held in Paris

In the late January Paris invites fans of sports and horses particularly. On the 27th of January, the last Sunday of the month, horse race Grand Prix d’Amérique will be held in the French capital. This is the world largest competition for trotters, which was organized firstly in 1920 in memory of the USA participation in World War I.

By tradition, the venue of this prestigious international competition is a recognized “temple” of horse races – Paris Hippodrome de Vincennes. Stands of the hippodrome are expected to be visited by 40 thousand fans.

As always, races will be accompanied with a unique show of more than 150 artists, dancers, musicians and acrobats.

Moreover, parade of the Republic Guard will be included to the programme of Grand Prix d’Amérique 2013.

Tickets price starts from 5 Euro. Fans of horse race younger 25 years old can visit this show for 1,5 Euro, people Under 18 – for free.

Around the hippodrome there are three parkings (2-2,5 Euro).