Taxi in Paris: now environmentally safe cars

In the modern world it’s very important  that many states are concerned about the ecology. As a result there is pleasant news: Paris city authorities continue their active campaign to reduce exhaust gas emissions of auto transport. Of course, it’s a knotty task to achieve but the City Hall of the French capital works actively on this question.

So, we can already see a serious success in the program which deals with Paris taxi exchange into more environmentally safe cars. Nowadays, all companies in the city, engaged in passenger transportation, use more than 1200 hybrid vehicles. And according to the plan the number of such cars at all taxi companies will make 100 % by September 2014.

Paris has already had 250 charging stations for continuous work of taxi cars. The stations appeared in the city within Autolib program.

It’s nice to realize that now the air in Paris will be cleaner, at least a little bit. Thanks to everyone for this initiative!