Stade de France

Undoubtedly, Paris is well-known for the magnificent sights, great history and ingenious representatives of the world of art and culture. But, France, as well as the majority of the European states, has also nice sports history. Even the fact that the first president of the International Olympic committee (and the founder of Olympic Games in their modern kind) Pierre de Coubertin was the Frenchman, does honor to this country.

The World-wide known bicycle race Le Tour de France attracts the strongest bicyclists and is their main start in season. Only for latest decades France has presented to the world a huge number of great sportsmen, among which are such well-known names, as Just Fontaine, Michel Platini, Zinédine Zidane, Dimitry Starchevsky, Jean-Baptiste Grange, Thierry Henry, Amélie Mauresmo, Surya Bonaly and many-many other which have brought glory to the French sports.

France and its capital Paris can brag of nice sportsmen and places where the sports history was created.

There is a stadium in Paris on which the national football team of France succeeded to create a present sensation in 1998 and for the first time in history to win a title of world champions. It is Stade de France. This stadium was open directly before that FIFA World Cup which became triumph of local football players. Then in the summer of 1998 the fact that the French football players happened to be in the final was a sensation itself and when it became clear that magnificent Brazilians led by Ronaldo and Rivaldo would confront them in the match for the main prize very few people put on a victory of the French.

However, sports are sports and especially football which is always unpredictable enough. The stadium Stade de France has been filled in some hours prior to the beginning of the match, and many thousands of fans on tribunes expected the starting whistle of the judge with impatience. Contrary to forecasts, the title of world champions has gone to the French national team, and the game became a benefit performance of the magnificent and inimitable Zinédine Zidane who have become not only the best player of a match, but also of all tournament.

And after that favorable opposition Stade de France became the most cult football place not only Paris, but also in all France. At this stadium finals of the Cup of the country on football are annually held, competitions on Rugby, all national teams of these kinds of sports meet the contenders from other countries.

And, if you are a sports fan after you have decided to visit Paris, necessarily bring in the schedule (along with the Arch Triomphe, Montmartre, the Champs Elysée and the Louvre) visiting one of the best sports constructions of the Old World and if at this time there will be a football or a rugby match at it, you receive really unforgettable impressions. It is situated in the Parisian area Saint-Denis that in northern part of a city.

Besides, if you happen to visit Paris, pay attention to other most famous football stadium – Parc des Princes which homes one of the most titled French football club – “Paris Saint-Germain”. Except for summer months when there’s a break in the European championships, you can always visit a game of this interesting and picturesque team.