Smoking on outdoor terraces of Parisian bars and restaurants can be banned

Four years ago the authorities of Paris have banned smoking in public catering facilities. However, the ban did not apply to outdoor terraces of bars and restaurants. Though, it seems lovers of smoking with a cup of good coffee will have to change their habits soon.

The Association of Non-smokers Protection filed an action to the French court with a demand to widen the list of places free from nicotine. In the middle of May we will know the decision of the authorities.

It will be recalled that today the fine for smoking at wrong places is from 68 to 135 Euros. Police fines violators not so often as the activists of the Association would like, and smoking opponents consider the law is implemented not very efficiently. And as statistics shows that the number of smokers is not decreasing (according to polls, more Parisian people had started to smoke at home than before the ban).

However, the number of “reservations” for smokers – as in Paris as in other regions of France – is constantly decreasing. For example, the first beach, whose visitors saw the signs ” No Smoking”, had been opened in Nice few months ago.

By the way, open terraces in Parisian cafes can become a history at all. As we already wrote before, next year the owners will not be able to use the outdoor gas heaters. Of course, there is an alternative option like electricity, but “green” activists insist on that lovers to have dinner on terraces with a view of the old Paris should get warm with environmental friendly blankets only.