Reconstruction of Eiffel Tower

Paris authorities announced the reconstruction of Eiffel Tower that will begin in January 2012 and be held without closing the object for the tourists. This information was recently given by representatives of the Paris City Hall.

Works will continue until the middle of 2014, so they didn’t consider a possibility of closure, in principle. Authorities could not close, perhaps, the major sight of Paris and all France.

Last year, however, Eiffel Tower lost the title of the main tourist attraction to Louvre.

The authors of the reconstruction project hope to increase the numbers of tourists by 20% – up to 8 million people annually.

Firstly, workers will update the overhead covers of the second floor. Thick, “armour-piercing” glass will replace metal and wood. Transparent floor at a height of 57 meters will improve the view from Eiffel Tower.

New souvenir shops, bookstalls and boutiques will be opened on the second floor after renovation.

The changes will also touch on the interior of the famous restaurant “58”.

Eiffel Tower will receive “the most beautiful toilets in the world” – said a project architect Alain Moatti. He assure that they will open “an exceptional view of Paris”.

Duding the reconstruction works two floors of the tower and the restaurant “Jules Verne” (one of the best in Paris) will remain at the disposal of tourists.