Public bikes for Parisians and visitors of the city

Authorities of Paris like in many other European cities tend to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere created with vehicles, so such program as “Velib” (in French “velo liberte” – “free bike” ) is very important. Generally, it was tested firstly in La Rochelle, a little later in Lyons and only then came to the French capital.

On July 15, 2007 seven hundred fifty (750!) automatic public places were opened in Paris, where every Parisian or visitor of the city could rent one of the fifteen bikes. Today, the number of such stations exceeds fifteen hundred, and the number of environmentally friendly vehicles is more than twenty thousand units.

Thanks to this program Paris in this matter has passed ahead of all cities of our planet, and this experience has been studied extensively by the representatives of the city authorities of the capitals of China – Beijing, Great Britain – London, the largest city in the United States – New York City.

The excellent solution of “Velibe” is that anyone can rent a bicycle in Paris right near each subway station and to travel anywhere in the city. When a need for a bike has disappeared, it must be left in one of terminals of the company JCDecaux, financing the project, whose coordinates are published in special maps (you can buy them at newsstands). It is noteworthy that for the convenience of people in the subway stations there is information in real time about location of cycle stations and the number of free bikes.

To rent a bike in Paris a person just need have a credit card for arranging a special subscription that allows different options for using of this transport. Thus, one day rent is one (1) Euro, week rent – five (5), and if you want to use “public” bicycles unlimited throughout the year then it will cost twenty-nine (29) Euro. However, for a subscription you need have a special agreement.

What about ordinary people without this subscription? In this case prices are not so pleasant. Even if the first thirty minutes of bicycles using will be free, for the next hour you will have to pay one Euro, and more – more. The maximum possible rent (20 hours) costs one hundred fifty-one (151) Euros. This is the sum you have to pay if the bicycle will not be delivered to the terminal in time.

Naturally, the program “Velib” is not the cheap pleasure for tourists who like cycling around the city, but if you have friends in Paris you can always ask them in advance to make their long-term contract, or try to do it yourself. Believe, a ride on a comfortable, equipped with headlamps and luggage bicycle in Paris will bring you a great pleasure.

If you go to travel outside the capital, so JCDecaux has also opened its representative offices in many other cities in France, and you will have the opportunity to rent a bike there.

From our side we wish you pleasant rides on bikes in Paris and other French cities!