Paris zoo will be opened in 2014

Paris is the city of love and museums! Almost everyone, who has heard even if something about the French capital, knows this. However, the local authorities try to develop their city, creating more and more new entertainments for Parisians and tourists. The next facility for pleasant leisure will be the Zoological garden, which is planned to be opened in 2014. It’s notable that some specialists and journalists call it the “Zoo of the 21st century”. And you should to agree that it will give the park an additional interest from the side of residents and visitors of the city.

Construction of the park has started in 2011 and now about 40 percent of green plantations are getting the feel of their new home.

Moreover, now we can see constructing of a giant enclosure (area – near 1,500 sq.m., height – 12 meters) and the special tropic zone which will be kept in the subequatorial climate conditions.

The project’s management actively positions Paris zoo not just as an exotic and entertaining spot but as the territory of animals habitation in natural environment.

So, sixteen giraffes are already in the park, a black jaguar will be moved from the Warsaw Zoo soon.

By the last information, official opening of the Paris Zoological garden is planned for the April, 2014.