Paris: Where to play tennis?

Paris is the home of one of the four major professional tennis tournaments – Roland Garros. For its long history this competition has opened for the world many new “stars” of ball and racket, the recognized masters of tennis proved their right to be called the best of the best here. And devoted fans enjoy this game at stands of the legendary club since 1891.

However, not only the famous and prestigious “Grand Slam” tournament connects Paris with tennis. This sport is very popular among inhabitants of the French capital. Small and old visit tennis courts every day – not for the glory but just to enjoy the game.

And what is very nice, the city officials further the development of tennis. At present days there are lots of outdoor and indoor courts in Paris where anyone can test his(her) skills or just get pleasant impressions from this exciting pastime. If you live in the city or come here for vacations or on business and want to play tennis in Paris – 43 municipal tennis complexes at your service, located in different parts of the capital.

Full list of the courts, their location, hours of service, cost of renting. You can find all the information on the site (click there >> ACCÈS À LA RÉSERVATION EN LIGNE on your left). It’s also possible to book a convenient place to play directly on this Internet site, you just need complete a simple registration.