Old “Horse” has to be in a Stall! Paris vs Old Cars

We have already written about Parisian authorities aspiration for making the city more clean and ecological. And it must be recognized many of their initiatives (Velib, Autolib, Cityscoot) were successful, and above all, convenient for residents and guests of Paris.

A next step of Parisian City Hall headed by Ann Hidalgo is the ban of operation for trucks and buses which are older 15 years in the city from the 1st of July, 2016.

But, authorities have not stopped on it and going on their struggle against pollution of the environment. It the short run, a new standard will be approved. This law bans all the cars over 19 years old in the city. Also until 2020 all diesel engine vehicles will be out the law.

Evidently, not everyone agrees with such innovations. For example, the owners of retro-cars started to worry. This group has got an exception – they may drive the cars on weekends without any risk of money fines.

Of course, opinions on this matter can be different, but as we think there is no more important and responsible thing than our children’s health!

Let’s make the planet clean!