Paris and Pets

What an ordinary foreigner knows about Paris, coming to this wonderful city during holiday? Of course, Paris – a capital of the world fashion, city of great cuisine and wine, hundreds of museums and palaces… But the capital of France or, rather, its residents are known for their sincere love for our «younger brothers» – dogs, cats and others.

Honestly, this applies not only to the Parisians but also to the residents of the whole of France. Pets – a real passion of this nation.

But we would like to talk not only about how the French treat the pet, as about what tourists have to know if they wish to come to Paris on vacation with their cat or dog. This is a fairly urgent issue, because many people take their pets along.

As of Paris, in this issue it is a modern city and many hotels and apartment owners here allow to stay with pets. True, it does not apply to all, so we recommend you to ask about it in advance in order to prevent incidents on arrival.

In fact, many countries have their own requirements for pets’ owners and Paris is not an exception. So, it is important to know some rules that you can face. Ok, let’s begin.

In the French capital there are places where only few categories of people (it does not matter, you’re a Parisian or a visitor of the city) can get to. For example, public transport and all institution admit only people with disabilities with assistance dogs-guides. Though there are some exceptions.

• Public transport. According to local regulations, a person may be transported in buses and subway trains with animals who are not over 45 centimeters and only in special baskets or bags.

• No pets in food stores.

• The owner of a dog has to clean up all wastes while on the street (squares, parks and other places). The fine for violation of this rule may be up to 450 euros.

• Visits of museums, monuments and other historical sites with a guide dog are only available for people with disabilities.

• City parks and gardens, not intended for dogs walking, are designated with special signs. A pleasant moment – you can walk with your little friend in Bois de Vincennes and Bois de Boulogne, Buttes Chaumont, but only if you use a leash. Some parks have special areas for walking pets.

Going back to hotels and rental flats in Paris, we must say that staying in the apartments with animals can require additional costs. For example, hotels can take 5 – 15 euro for one cat or dog. At the same time during the booking you should give full details of your pet, because in different hotels there are different rules about the size of dogs.

We wish you and your pet a pleasant stay in Paris!