Notre Dame is changing its bells

The four bells of Notre-Dame de Paris has served their term and were recently removed off the north tower of the cathedral. For the first time the bells have disappeared during the French Revolution and the new were installed in 1856 only. Their ringing celebrated the end of the World War II and liberation of Paris from the Nazis in 1944.

Each of these bells, as humans, has a name: Angélique-Françoise, Antoinette-Charlotte, Hyacinthe-Jeanne and Denise-David. And, of course, they just getting older and suffer from the time. So the long and the short of it there is a need to replace them.

At the beginning of 2013 eight new bells will be lifted to the towers of Notre Dame. Four of them will take their old place on the north tower. Another four – on the south tower one for celebration of the 850th anniversary of Notre-Dame de Paris to recreate a tune, sounded three centuries ago.

Notre Dame de Paris – the heart of Paris! As geographically – the temple is located in the oldest part of Paris – on Ile de la Cité, as spiritually. Among Christian relics holding at Notre-Dame de Paris we can mark out Jesus Christ’s crown of thorns and the nail which the Romans nailed the Son of God to the cross with.

Notre-Dame de Paris is open every day, entrance to the cathedral can be restricted only during church services. From Monday to Friday Notre Dame is open for visitors from 8.00 am to 06.45 pm, Saturday and Sunday – 8.00 am to 07.45 pm.