Night club Castel

Sightseeing in Paris is over, shopping had also come to its end, but your soul demands entertainments, “party” and motions… What to do in this case? Of course, also you should go to the disco – where the music and people express themselves in an unrestrained passion of dance!

Naturally, being in an unfamiliar city (Paris is such a place for many people), it is difficult to find a night club on your own. But do not worry! We would like to recommend you one of the best nightclubs in Paris – Castel.

Castel – discotheque, restaurant and bar under one roof. This rather bohemian club, located in the famous Saint-Germain-des-Prés, is considered a place of entertainment for artistic Parisian bohemia. But do not think that “foureyeses” with brushes in the hands come here, the club is quite lively. As a rule, the public of Castel – young people of 25-35 years old.

It offers dance floor, restaurant with good food, bar with a variety of drinks. We are not going to say about the atmosphere of this place, because it must be felt by yourself – this disco has its own distinctive features and unique charm.

Castel’s address: 15, Rue Princesse, 75006 Paris.

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