Le Bourget 2015

Dear friends, it’s summer time on calendar! And we send our greetings on this occasion. 🙂 Though, today’s main topic is a little bit different, so long as, by tradition, the middle of June is the time for famous Paris Air Show in Le Bourget – one of the biggest aircraft forums in the world.

Since the exhibition of aircraft construction’s breakthroughs is biennial, European public has already missed new aircrafts manufactured in different countries.

And here, starting from June 15, 2015, all comers can look personally at last products of the wold’s leading companies and concerns – new modifications of planes, helicopters and other aeronautic engineerings.

About popularity of Le Bourget Air Show we can judge even if by the previous exhibition statistics. More than 150 aircrafts (of course, special place was occupied with brainchilds of such “monsters” of aerospace industry like Airbus and Boeing) participated in the show; almost 140 thousand professionals and more than 175 thousand visitors came to Le Bourget in 2013.


Certainly, this year many companies are gonna gladden visitors of the airdrome in Paris suburb with their new machines, designs and technical innovations.

Of course, and besides the Air Show in Le Bourget (which lasts till June 21, 2015) you will find a lot to do in Paris. 🙂 So, come to the city on the Seine and spend interesting vacation, and we’ll be glad to offer you comfortable apartments to make your stay more pleasant.