Hi-Tech Bookshop opened in Paris

Progress goes forward inexorably in all the fields of human activity, that’s why we shouldn’t be surprised by a new Parisian bookshop… without books . 🙂 Of course, we are cunning, and this isn’t entirely true – a bookstore can’t be without books!

Nevertheless, visiting the new branch of Presses Universitaires de France network in Latin Quarter of Paris, you don’t see habitual shelves with thousands books , it’s the different feature here.

Hi-Tech is Hi-Tech, so don’t hurry to leave, just get to know the catalog of literature available at the store (about 5,000 editions), using one of special tablets, and select the book you need. After that, very smart special robot Espresso Book Machine will quickly print a paper version for you.

Also you shouldn’t worry about a high price. In France there is the law, according which all the books in the country have the unified prices regardless of a point of sale. One thing you have to remember – the norm for one printing session at the bookshop is 850 😉 pages only.