French – the most beautiful language in the world

Tell us, please, if you have ever thought about the issue of the most beautiful language in the world. Maybe, the question is not very proper, but exactly such an inquiry had been carried out by site. And they found out the French language is the most magnetic and beautiful for tourists.

It’s notable that the language of great Dumas, Voltaire and Moliere has won on superiority, by knockout, if to use a sports lexicon. The respondents recognized French as the most attractive in sounding and pronunciation. Italian and English were also among prize-winners.

Moreover, organizers of the poll point out that France is a very popular tourist direction due to its language. So, not only the splendid architecture of Paris and other cities of the country, but the local dialect as well attracts millions tourists from all the corners of the Earth.

* Interesting fact. In 2012 more than 83 million tourists have visited France – the 1st place in the world rating.