License Plate for Auto – The First One

Modern world is difficult to imagine without automobiles. Trucks, passenger cars, sedans, sport-cars, heavy tippers… Each of them has its unique qualities and ways of use, however, practically every one has a common trait, license plate or numberplate, call it as you wish, the sense is the same.

We are not going to deepen into history and describe sizes and stylistic features of these plates of one or another country, but just want to say that the first automobile license plate was issued in Paris in 1893. To tell the truth, registration signs for vehicles had existed before – horse carriages had their “numbers” in Europe and America long before the cars.

Nowadays, the exterior of a car can be hardly imagined without this element, but we have to know and remember that the first license plate for auto is French by origin. 🙂

Good luck on the road!