New service in Paris: electric cars for rent

Electric vehicles renting system has started in the French capital. According to its founders, it should help to discharge traffic on Parisian streets. Moreover, the organizers, of course, hope for the growing popularity of electric transport in the country.

The new program, called Autolib, has many similarities with bicycle rental systems in Paris and other European cities. The first two months will be a test period when Parisians and visitors of the city will be able to rent an electric Bluecar for thirty minutes. The cost of the service is four – eight Euros.

According to the management of Autolib, the fee for electric cars will be 10 euros per day and 144 euros per year.

The design of this new “green” car for Parisian streets was designed by famous Italian design studio Paninfarina, among whose clients we can find such “monsters” of the world car industry as Maseratti and Ferrari. Electric car Bluecar accommodates four passengers and its battery can work four hours, running a distance of 250 kilometers. Businessman Vincent Bollore became the sponsor of the project. Renault and Nissan also have already spent on development of such cars more than four billion euros.

There are currently 33 parkings of Autolib (each has 2 cars), however, the company plans to increase the number of cars up to three thousand on a thousand of parkings in 2012.