Eiffel Tower – 126

Today, is a real holiday in France, in Paris for sure! 🙂 126 years ago – March 31, 1889 – the official opening of the Eiffel Tower, the brightest symbol of the modern Paris, took place.

On that momentous day, its creator, the great engineer and architect Gustave Eiffel, installed the national French flag on the top of the construction for pleasure of Parisians and guests of the city who gathered for the World Fair.

Since that time the Eiffel Tower (also known as The Iron Lady of Paris) is the most popular and visited tourist object in the world. Just imagine, about 6 million people walk up and down its stairs every year!

If you have not been on observation decks of the tower, be sure to do that staying in Paris next time, excellent views of the city are guaranteed! 🙂

Happy birthday, Eiffel Tower!